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Welcome to Curaden Swiss Canada

Oral Science Inc. is proud to introduce CURAPROX oral care products made by Curaden, a Swiss manufacturer.

Oral Hygiene is our core competence!

Curaden unites experience, research, innovation, with care for precision and excellence for perfect oral health. The result is innovative, highly effective and top-quality products which are recognized and accepted by dental professionals worldwide.

Interdental Brushes
Rapid Success with Interdental Brushes

Cleaning your interdental spaces is decisive because this is where caries (carious cavities) and later periodontitis can develop without being noticed. The most efficient way to remove plaque is with the new generation of interdental brushes that do the job simply and gently. Using them every day leads to a clear reduction in bleeding gums and bad breath after just a few days.
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Toothbrushes - The Softer, The Better

Too large, too thick, too hard - these are the main characteristics of most toothbrushes. This also applies to the frequently recommended medium-hard toothbrushes as well as to many children's toothbrushes.

Make sure you check the bristles (soft) and, in particular, the bristle area (small). Use an ultra soft toothbrush with a small head of 2 cm length and/or a soft single-tuft toothbrush.
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Single Toothbrushes - Solo for Soloists

Your teeth are individuals that need to be cleaned individually and gently all the way round. This is best done with the single-tuft toothbrush or single toothbrush that can be elegantly manoeuvred around each individual tooth.
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Dental Floss – You Can't Always Get By Without It!

In most cases, interdental brushes are preferable to dental floss because they clean more efficiently. There are, however, some interdental spaces that can only be reached using dental floss. In these cases, it makes sense to use dental floss to complete your dental care.
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Babies & Children Curaprox Concept - The right Prophylaxis from the Beginning

What is the mother’s role? The mother’s normal habits with regard to oral hygiene are to a large extent applied to her small child. If the mother cleans her teeth carefully, then her child will do so as well. If the mother cleans the baby’s teeth lovingly – then it is almost certain that later the child will also like to clean his or her teeth himself. But if the first toothbrush hurts the child, then the child will have a negative attitude towards cleaning teeth for years to come! Everything is up to the parents...
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Bad Breath? - There is an Easy Solution

Bad breath is unpleasant for us and the people around us. For a person concerned it is a big problem and sometimes embarrassing. Bad breath is caused by anaerobic bacteria hidden in old plaque, periodontal pockets and fissures of the tongue. With the CURAPROX Prophylaxis Concept you can fight bad breath more effectively than ever before.
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