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Sonic Toothbrush Hydrosonic Pro

Brush your teeth like a pro

249.99 tax excl.
Sonic Toothbrush Hydrosonic Pro
249.99 tax excl.


Brush your teeth like a pro

The professional sonic toothbrush for an enjoyable daily cleaning experience, with outstanding efficiency: the Hydrosonic pro ensures a perfect clean with maximum gentleness – professional cleaning, at home. Also suitable for braces and implants.


Single-button operation, intuitive to use

Three brush heads: ‘sensitive’, ‘power’, ‘single’

Seven modes, ranging from 44,000 to 84,000 brush head movements per minute

Boosts the hydrodynamic cleaning effect 

Powerful battery: two weeks of brushing, four minutes a day

Just as powerful whether the battery is low or fully charged

Extra-small charging device incl. travel case

German Design Award Winner 2021

Two-year guarantee, which can be extended to three years

Brush heads

Highly innovative brush heads developed in collaboration with Prof. Ulrich P. Saxer and oral health specialist Jiří Sedelmayer, made in Switzerland

The finest Curen® filaments for a wonderfully gentle clean

Clever Curacurve® ergonomics for easy reach

Innovative droplet shape for maximum effectiveness 

‘Sensitive’ brush head – particularly gentle, yet highly efficient

‘Power’ brush head – powerful, yet gentle

‘Single’ brush head – extra fine, single-tuft brush head for targeted cleaning of gums, niches, braces and implants

Every Curaprox brush head fits every Hydrosonic toothbrush

Items included

1× Hydrosonic pro handle

1x ‘sensitive’ brush head

1x ‘power’ brush head

1x ‘single’ brush head

1 x charging device

1 x travel case

1x user instructions

‘A professional-standard brush that’s easy to use.’

Prof. Ulrich P. Saxer

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